Giving thanks to our NHS

Working on the frontline during the Covid pandemic is an incredibly gruelling task, with NHS staff often having to isolate from their own families and stay in temporary accommodation without many of their daily essentials.

In order to provide easy access to the toiletries so many of us take for granted, we have partnered with Boots and Pamperaid to donate over 12,000 Humble bamboo brushes over the past 3 months which were distributed to NHS Trusts, hospitals and community groups to help both those on the front line and patients in hospital who have recently come off ventilators.

In addition to toothbrushes, we have also donated thousands of our Nulon hand creams to help with chapped hands, and Read My Lips lip balms to soothe dry lips with the aim of alleviating some of the side effects that come with wearing PPE and frequent hand washing.

We’re extremely grateful for the work that our NHS does for us not only during this pandemic, but every day and are pleased to be able to help give something back to help them during these difficult times.

Humble Toothbrush.