Flossing; a new year’s resolution you can stick to

Welcome to Amber House’s first blog of 2016, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are ready for the new year!

Following the obligatory over-indulging that went on over Christmas, we got talking in the office about what our new years’ resolutions are for 2016. Up cropped the usual  (going to the gym more and actually completing dry January), alongside some which were just outright absurd (learning how to trapeze) and all this new-year new-me talk got us thinking; what’s a resolution we could all actually stick to?

We decided it should be something practical, which improves our daily lives but doesn’t cost the earth or take masses of will-power (we’re not giving up the 3pm snacks), so after much deliberation it was concluded; we could all floss more.

DenTek Complete Clean Floss picks available at Boots


We’re constantly being told that we need to take care of our bodies and to detox in January to undo the wrath of the Christmas party season, but more often than not the importance of looking after our oral health gets completely overlooked.

According to the NHS gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, and what’s the number one recommended way of warding off gum disease? You guessed it – flossing. No-one wants a toothless smile, so perhaps it’s time to get flossing on our daily agenda. DenTek’s On The Go minty-fresh floss picks (available now at Boots) come in brightly coloured travel-sized cases which are the perfect reminder to floss more throughout the day.

DenTek On The Go Floss Picks available at Boots

Aside from the threat of gum disease, it’s worth noting that brushing only cleans up to 60{8884d5ab58fbe32782e1826a46e2f8f4f57ef9673bf506842e25ace3097fceec} of the tooth’s surface and flossing is the perfect way to clean the areas toothbrushes can’t get to. Dentek’s Complete Clean Y shaped floss (available now at Boots) picks are designed with a curve to ensure back teeth are able to be reached with ease, and to help remove food and plaque even in the tightest areas.

DenTek Complete Clean Floss Picks available at Boots


We all want to be able to smile with confidence and the above statistic shows a whole lot of our tooth’s surface is missing out on the benefits of those whitening toothpastes we love to use. Luckily DenTek’s Whitening Silky Floss Picks  (available now at Boots) contain scrubbing micro-crystals to help whiten between the teeth in areas brushing can’t reach. After all, your smile is your best accessory; keep it looking great!

DenTek Whitening Silky Floss Picks available at Boots


Flossing isn’t just a resolution that can be undertaken alone – it’s one which can be followed by all of the family. Helping kids to establish a good oral hygiene routine at a young age is essential to prevent future problems with their teeth and gums. DenTek’s Kids Fun Flossers (available now at Superdrug) are designed specifically for young teeth with easy to hold handles and wild fruit flavoured scrubbing floss to remove food and plaque.

DenTek Kids Fun Flossers available at Superdrug

So there you have it; a simple resolution we can all actually stick to this year. Happy 2016!