Valentine’s Handbag Essentials

Whether you’re out with friends or a loved one this Valentine’s day, make sure you have everything you’ll need for a beauty SOS-free day. Forget the usual suggestion of a comb, bobby pins and perfume – we know you’re organised enough to have those already packed, so here are our top 6 suggestions of Valentine’s handbag essentials;

1) Root Touch Up

Hair appointments can be a nightmare to get in the week surrounding the Valentine’s rush – Claritude Colour Rapide’s Root Cover Up is perfect for prolonging that missed hair appointment – filling in roots and even greys, instantly. The water-resistant powder comes in a neat compact with a mirror and brush for easy application on the go, and is available in Blonde, Dark Brown and Black. Available now at Amazon.

Claritude Colour Rapide

2) Hand Cream

There’s nothing worse than being out and having dry hands – especially in the cold February weather. Nulon Nourishing Complex is a specially formulated hand cream containing Q10 Co-enzyme and vitamins E and B5 to leave hands feeling soft, nourished and protected. Packaged in a compact tube, it’s the perfect size to fit into your handbag and an item we definitely can’t leave the house without. Available now at Fragrance Direct.

Nulon Nourishing Complex

3) Delicious Lip Balm

Lip balm is an obvious Valentine’s essential for smooth and moisturised lips, but why not add some fun to the function? This Reese’s Cups flavoured lip balm is a delicious alternative for when you can’t get your hands on the real thing. Available now at Claire’s Accessories.

Reese's Cups Lip Balm

4) Breath Spray

Instead of awkwardly having to try and disguise chewing-gum in a napkin, refresh your mouth quickly and easily with this Hello Supermint Breath Spray. Without alcohol, dyes or sweeteners it’s the natural solution to fresh breath and comes in the cutest looking packaging! Available now at Boots.

Hello Breath Spray available at Boots

5) Floss Picks

Never be stuck with that difficult bit of food between your teeth that you just-can’t-get-out, again! DenTek’s On The Go Floss Picks come in handy brightly coloured travel-sized cases that are perfect for finding when you need to get that food out in a hurry! Available now at Sainsbury’s.

DenTek On The Go Floss Picks

6) Tampons

Be prepared for any emergencies that might happen with Veeda’s Applicator Free Tampons. Not only are they small and discreet enough to fit comfortably in a clutch, they’re free of synthetics, chemicals, pesticides and dyes and greatly reduce the risk of TSS. Available now at Boots.

Veeda Super Tampons

Happy Valentines!


Amber House

DenTek Complete Clean Floss picks available at Boots